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Customers need to see value in their automotive work

Honest, Quality Repairs

Being a technician in the automotive trade, I found that customers needed to see value in their automotive work, which was lacking in many shops in the industry. Thus, on April 2nd, 2003, Maurice’s Auto Care Centre was born, where exceeding customer expectations was our goal. I enjoy helping people and making them feel comfortable when they visit our shop. Coming from a farm background, you just want to help people. I like to pass my passion, knowledge of the trade, and my work ethic on to my technicians and apprentices. They know the level of quality that I expect from them.

Business Bio

My background, starting from a child, was always mechanical. It started with a large Meccano set, with a large wind-up motor, which I got for Christmas when I was about six. I would build motor-driven vehicles, geared down with multiple pulley systems, to give me more power. As I approached 10 years old, I was already helping Dad, holding the trouble light and handing him tools, while he fixed everything from a garden tractor to a grain truck to a combine. It didn’t matter what the problem was, dad could fix it. It was this feeling, of being in awe of his accomplishments that triggered the urge to want to follow the mechanical trade. People would bring things to Dad to fix and have that look of amazement, probably that I had on my face as well. He was methodical and very particular about the quality of his work. I don’t ever remember Dad having to do something twice. Helping people selflessly and his methodical, quality workmanship, that set the standards, not only for the mechanical trade I would choose, but the manner in which I would perform my tasks in this trade.

Being a technician in the automotive trade was a great learning experience with many great people, but it also had its downsides. You couldn’t ensure that quality workmanship always came from the establishment that you worked for, and you had no control as to whether the customer was going to be happy with the work that the establishment performed on their vehicle. Sometimes, you found that you didn’t have the correct tool to perform the task at hand, and comebacks, due to improperly done work, sometimes existed. The customer needed to see the value. It was these needs that needed to be fulfilled, that created the driving force to want to open my own shop. Thus, Maurice’s Auto Care Centre Ltd. was born, where “exceeding customer expectations”, was our goal. It was on April 2nd, 2003, that my wife, Shirley, and I, opened our shop, and a dream was born.

I enjoy helping people and making them feel comfortable when they visit our shop. It makes me feel uncomfortable, to see someone else that looks uncomfortable. It always has. Coming from a farm background, you just help people, and want to help people. I like to pass my passion, knowledge of the trade, and being very particular in my work ethics, on to my technicians and the apprentices I train. They know the level of quality I expect from them. I like to work on almost everything, am willing to purchase the tools or equipment, necessary to do the work. So I can honestly say that doing what I do, and enjoying doing it, definitely stems from my Dad. He will always be my mentor and continues to do mechanical work to this day, with the same enthusiasm that he has always shown. I will always be grateful for his time spent grooming me, as I was growing up. My plans are to use this enthusiasm to continue to help people well into the future, and possibly turn the business over, someday, to one of my grandchildren. Pay it forward! Cheers!

Owner, Maurice’s Auto Care Centre Ltd.

Meet the Owners

Maurice Sperling

He is the heart and soul of the company. He is a 40-year veteran of the automotive service and repair industry. He has combined experience on most makes and models in all areas of the trade, as well as larger fleet vehicles. He and co-owner Shirley Sperling have owned the business for approximately 18 years. His passion for the trade and level of workmanship are at a high level and reflect on his staff, His main goal is to please the customer. He always likes to interact with customers, and will personally shuttle customers to their destination on many an occasion. Whether he is working on vehicles himself, training apprentices, helping other technicians with advice, working at the service counter, or upstairs at his own desk, you can be sure that Maurice will put forth 110%, selflessly.

Shirley Sperling

She is the one who manages the books and balances the bank account, pays the suppliers, and pays the extraordinary technicians we have working on your vehicles. She is the one who designs and tweaks our customer areas, ensuring that everyone who walks in feels welcome and comfortable. She is, in short, indispensable. Behind every great shop, there’s a great woman. She is the co-owner of Maurice’s Auto Care Centre, Ltd.

Our Team

Denin Nienaber
Evan Tomprorowski
Virgil Meeks
Milan Mudri
Rudy Lysyshyn